Association Happenings through Pictures



January 27, 2017

Anita Campbell, PP, PLS, Certification Chair, pinned our newest Certified Legal Professional, Barry Pickreign, with the CLP pin. Congratulations, Barry Pickreign, CLP, ALP on this accomplishment!!

Congratulations, Sue Staley of Jackson LPA, on winning a tree full of cash and gift cards for our January Finance Project !  

September 2017

Lauren Ray from Jackson was the winner of the Wine Basket Raffle, which was a combined finance/humanitarian project.  Congratulations, Lauren, and thanks for your support of the Mississippi Legal Professionals Association! 

2018 Annual Meeting, Vicksburg, MS

2017 Annual Meeting, Gulfport, MS

2016 Annual Meeting, Gulfport, MS

2012 Annual Meeting, Gulfport, MS

 2010 Annual Meeting, Natchez, MS